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If you’re having a loft clearance or house clearance task or are sorting out a load of mess, such as builders or domestic waste collection in London, chances are you’re going to want to get some extra help. Sure, you may consider trying to sort out rubbish removal by yourself. Perhaps you’re prepared to load up your vehicle and make several trips back and forth to your local recycling centre. But that’s not really practical. It also requires a lot of effort, is time-consuming, and is just not worth it for a lot of people. Residents in London lead hectic lives, and many can’t be dealing with waste removal. So, the better alternative for a lot of people is just to palm the job off into the hands of a professional London rubbish collection company.

But for some, the prospect of hiring a domestic waste collection service can seem a tad worrisome. Why exactly? Well, the first and most obvious reason is that you’re hiring, what is essentially a foreign company to you to come into your property and carry out the waste clearance. But then it’s about knowing whether or not they’re a professional company, if they’re disposing of your domestic waste in an appropriate manner whilst adhering to all the essential rules and regulations. In actual fact, the more you contemplate such things, the more worrisome hiring a domestic rubbish clearance company can seem, and therefore the more unsafe such a service may appear to be.

  • You’ve got to be careful when hiring any company to come into your property and do a service for you. They’re going to be in your family home where you’ll have other possessions, potentially some expensive or priceless items. It’d be horrible should these mysteriously go missing. Not all rubbish disposal companies are like this. But then again, some are. That’s why it’s vitally important for you to do your research. Do as much research as you can and thoroughly vet the company before making any final decisions and hiring services. Don’t take what they put on their websites as gospel. Do your own research about the company looking at third party sites. Also, look for reviews, customer testimonials about the company’s services. Then, pick up the phone, call them up and ask plenty of questions. This is the point where you’ll normally be able to tell whether the company’s a well-organised outfit or not.


  • Proper junk collection companies in London should be registered with the appropriate agencies. They should all possess a waste carrier licence and if they’re an ethical, environmentally conscious company – which the majority of companies are nowadays – they should be registered with their London councils’ environment agency. Ensure you ask the company about this when you call them up, during the vetting process, and if and when you book with them, when they arrive, ask to see some proof. It’s not being overly cautious. It’s just being thorough.


  • An increasing number of rubbish clearance companies in London have been taking shortcuts when it comes to disposing of waste. Such firms may pose as a domestic rubbish removal company in order to acquire your services. But then they don’t go and get rid of your domestic waste in an appropriate manner. Items have to be disposed of correctly. Different materials can be recycled and therefore need to be taken to a certain recycling plant. But some just dump waste anywhere and everywhere. Anywhere they see some space. It saves them from having to go to the correct place, and possibly having to pay charges, and dispose of the waste correctly. But the government as a whole and councils in London are beginning to crack down on this behaviour. If teams do their research, investigate the rubbish that’s been dumped, because they’re your possessions, chances are it’ll get traced back to you. You could be the one getting in hot water for illegally dumping waste.