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We were contracted by Cowlin to construct the foundations, drainage and basement slab of two prestigious 6 storey office blocks in the centre of Bristol.

The initial work for this job was to reduce what was found to be contaminated ground by approximately 3.5 metres. Once this stage of the project was completed began constructing the foundations and starter bars for the concrete columns that extend and support all 6 storeys of the buildings.

The foundations were constructed with steel reinforced concrete pile caps that bear upon 380mm diameter displacement piles. The pile caps vary in dimensions and depths and the number of piles in each pile cap vary from 4 to 40, with the dig depth for some of the lift pits up to 3 metres deep.

Due to this site being in close proximity to the Bristol docks we experienced a lot of difficulties with ground water filling the excavations and were continually pumping water from the site.

Due to depth of the basement certain areas of this job had to be constructed using a waterproof concrete. This required much pre planning and a lot of co-ordination between us, the concrete supplier and the supplier of the waterproof concrete additive.